Kensley | Hot Mess Mamas

Kensley is a tall, introverted mama to her precocious lady-toddler and is a contributing author here at Hot Mess Mamas. When she isn’t working as a wildlife biologist, she can be found hiking around Austin and instilling the art of glitter painting into her child (even though glitter really is the herpes of the craft world).

She believes in embracing the love for our kids, the love and respect we should have for ALL types of mothers, in ending the mom-guilt, and providing unwavering support for the true hot mess inside us all.

She is also an avid supporter of IVF and a good Sauvignon Blanc. You will find her near the cheese at parties.

Lindsey | Hot Mess Mamas

Lindsey is a Stay-at-Home DIYing hot mess with two rambunctious little boys and a third ?sex? on the way. She spends most of her time in sweats, cleaning children that never look clean and playing boy games that destroy the house. She has lost all ability to care what her her children eat off the floor at home, or anywhere else.

When the kids are sleeping or watching tv, you’ll find her drilling holes in something, using a nail gun, or hiding imperfections with caulk and paint. Her closet contains more destroyed clothes for “home improvement” than regular clothes.

She can’t stay awake past 8pm, spends sleepless nights obsessing over the design of her dream home, and cries on a regular basis because her kids are growing up too fast and painfully slow at the same time.

Lisa | Hot Mess Mamas

Lisa is a stylist turned tech geek, the developer behind the scenes at Hot Mess Mamas, and a proud IVF mama to one rambunctious little dude.

She is a highly reluctant minivan driver, and a recent crockpot convert obsessed with clean eating, Montessori parenting, and green(ish) living. She also wants to tell you Thank You, right now, because if she ever needs to write you a thank you note it will never happen.

When she’s not building the internet and cursing at her laptop, she can be found washing cloth diapers (again) or watching Winnie the Pooh for the millionth time.