Hindsight is 2020

The year 2020 is the time of gaining perfect vision of who we are as a collective. It’s the year when we are shaken to our core. We are in a moment of complete and utter upheaval. We are in the time of determining what is true and what is false, what is right and …

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Bedtime Routine

The Bedtime Routine

I wrote this post about 7 weeks ago and never posted it.   Our bedtime routine is probably not unlike most families with two little kids.  It’s tough. It’s lengthy. It’s noisy. It’s frustrating. These little people should be exhausted by the time the day is finally over, you know you are, but they’re not. …

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Hot Mess Mamas | "My 'No Plan' Plan"

My “No Plan” Plan

Do you know anyone who’s been pregnant forever?  Well, I suppose not.  Not until now.  Okay. okay. So my due date is tomorrow, but I seriously feel like I’ve been pregnant forever! Most pregnant women feel that way and say the same thing I’m sure.  I got pregnant in January and now it’s the end …

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Hot Mess Mamas | Lost in Ikea

Lost in IKEA Purgatory

To those of you who have been to IKEA before, you know it can be a mad house. And to those of you who haven’t had the torture pleasure, the store is a uni-directional eternal labyrinth of hell that cunning Swedish architects use as a psychological weapon to disorient their customers into impulse shopping like …

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My Days Off

Saturday and Sunday are my days off.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m always at “work”.  There’s always laundry, dishes, cleaning, putting away, etc., but seriously I have to take a couple days off from that.  What if your boss said that you had to work 7 days a week without taking any time off?  You’d …

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Everything is Messy

Summer has been busy and writing on the blog has been something I’ve been thinking about constantly, but never actually getting the energy, inspiration, or time to sit down and do…anything about my hot mess life.  Every time I think of a post it comes up boring, or worse yet, not even a hot mess. …

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Hot Mess Mamas | My Mini Me

Mini Me

My lady toddler is starting to have quite the personality. She will say, “Do you want to wear my tutu, sweetie?” to her little cousin as she does a shimmy. Or she will snuggle into a soft blanket and coo, “Ahhh, all nice and cozy!” Or when I help her get her clothes off for …

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I Could Make That!

My oldest is turning 4 next week-seems impossible, but it’s true.  He’s at the age now where kids are starting to have parties.  I thought maybe we could squeak out one more year before we have a party, but he knows too much. It’s not the kids or the parents or anything like that.  It’s …

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Forced Family Fun

We kept it low-key this year for my side of the family vacation. We stayed at a lake house on Eagle Mountain Lake near Ft. Worth and had so much fun: zoos, pontoon boat rides, N’s first movie theater experience to see Inside Out, lots of swim time and boat races, good food, good wine, …

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