My Days Off

Saturday and Sunday are my days off.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m always at “work”.  There’s always laundry, dishes, cleaning, putting away, etc., but seriously I have to take a couple days off from that.  What if your boss said that you had to work 7 days a week without taking any time off?  You’d probably say No Way!  It’s kind of the same thing for me.  I’m certainly not comparing myself to working moms or anything like that, but I do look at the tasks I have to accomplish in my daily life as a job.  I think that if I didn’t treat it like a job and take a break from it, I’d go completely mad.

So, on Saturdays and Sundays I do not vacuum unless of course Kinetic Sand or cloud dough find their way to the floor in large quantities. I don’t pick up any of the kids toys outside of making a path to the couch or bed. I don’t spend nap times mopping floors or doing laundry because Pinterest is calling my name and I deserve the same break my husband is taking right now (watching TV). I don’t put away our swim bag mess or clean bathrooms (except in cases of over spray).

Those are my work responsibilities and my work days are Monday through Friday 8 to 5.  Mentally, I perform much better at these tasks when Monday comes and I’m refreshed and ready to go.  I always wanted a job where I could be my own boss and choose when I wanted to work.  My advice is pick your days.  It doesn’t have to be Monday through Friday, but give yourself a couple of days off from your daily grind.  Play more, leave more messes, ignore out of place toys because your Monday is coming and when it does you’ll be ready to rock after a couple of days off.  I definitely find myself more effective during my work week if I give myself a weekend too.

Do you give yourself a weekend?  Some time to decompress and be less responsible for all of those household tasks?


  1. Kensley says:

    So glad you do, because it’s non-stop if you let it. I work during the work week and catch up on chores on the weekend and I am realizing I need to change my routine! I never feel like I get a good restful break… Good reminder.

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