30-Day Challenge


I started my challenge on May 1 and it’s going really well so far.  So, to back up for a second, I need to be more productive personally if I’m ever going to get my dream home accessories thing off the ground.  You can read about my feelings on life right now and my vague plan here. That’s where the 30-day challenge comes in.  I figure if I can manage to do these things for 30 days I’ll be on my way to creating a new routine and new normal for myself and my family.

As I think about the things that I can do to make myself more productive, get more things accomplished, and feel like bothering it’s really very simple.  I’m sure to some it’ll sound like I’m a total slob and others will absolutely agree with me.  Showers are few and far between in this house.  I think us stay-at-home moms can all agree, and discuss it frequently…we NEVER shower.  Why?  Because what’s the point?  Because we don’t have time?  Because we prefer Pinterest and coffee while our children are sleeping or watching cartoons?  For me, it’s all of those things.

I discovered recently that there are a few roadblocks that keep me from being my best productive self.

Showering/Removing My Pajamas

I don’t shower every day, because lets be real…ugh!  BUT, for the next 30 days (and hopefully much longer) I do plan to put on my makeup and get dressed in something other than stretchy pants and a cleaner tank top than the one I slept in.  I am presentable and I like looking at myself in the mirror.  I need to feel confident that my Rodan + Fields business is going somewhere and when I look in the mirror and see pink cheeks and bright eyes I carry that confidence with me.  I want people to ask me about my skin and tell me I look young.  Those are my openers.  That’s my job.  It’s important to me.  Additionally, I’ll get my kids dressed too.  It paves the way for them to be more productive too.

I also have a problem with my kids playing by themselves.  They basically don’t and that does not work for a mom who wants to work from home (a little bit).  Or really any mom who just needs 15 minutes. In the past I’ve always put on the TV or given my oldest the iPad so I could shower without him getting into stuff in the house, waking up those that are still sleeping, or getting naked and getting in the shower with me.  Well, my new rule is that there is no technology while I’m in the shower.  They must play alone.  It is hard because they come into the bathroom 100 times, daddy gets woken up on the weekends, my 20 month old cries the entire time, and my living room looks like a total war zone.  My expectation is that after 30 days (probably more like 15 days of showers), they will be better at playing by themselves and we will be able to branch out from there.

Simple advice I have for a new mom…ignore your kid for a while.  Trust me.  I’ve got one I did that with and one I didn’t and it’s so important for them and for you as time goes by.

Making My Bed

I think an unmade bed gives the wrong message to myself and my husband.  It says “I don’t care”.  I do care and a nicely made bed bookends my getting ready process.  My room feels clean just because my bed is made plus I’m not tripping on 15 pillows that my husband curses every time we climb in bed every night.  Seriously, it’s a little Along Came Polly, but it’s eye candy for me. It makes me feel great to see a pretty, nicely made bed.  Plus, I am a decorator at heart and it makes me feel confident in those abilities too.  It’s the only place in the house I don’t have to let the kids destroy.  We don’t have a TV in there, we don’t sleep with the kids in there so why does it look like the kids live in there?  They don’t!

Being on the Computer/iPad/Phone

I do not discourage any of these things, because I’m probably the worst, next to my husband with the phone in hand or the idea that I must have the iPad before I sit down on the couch.  The problem with those devices, regardless of what you’re doing on them, is that there is no end.  Contrary to popular belief you can’t actually finish the internet like my husband and I joke about frequently.  It’s always there.  There’s always more of whatever you’re interested in.  I have a gigantic pile of magazines that seriously stresses me out to no end.  They take up valuable space in my TV cabinet, they slide all over the place, they annoy me when a new one arrives at my door.  I HATE them, but I LOVE them!  There’s the wasteful non-green part about them, but being green is not important to me if I let everything else in my world slide because of it.  So, I started picking up a magazine with my coffee while my kids watch cartoons instead of Pinterest and Houzz.  I’ve read one every day since May 1, tore out the articles, pictures, and recipes I want and recycled the rest.  Just reading one from start to finish makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I made room in the drawer and I actually took some stress off the giant stack.  The most important thing I’m getting from this though, that I totally did not expect, is that my kids are different when they see me reading paper vs. reading a computer.  Within 5 days they have picked up more books.  My 20 month old has started asking me to read books which a week ago, would have never been an option.  I have found my almost 4 year old looking at books on his own, which he has never voluntarily done before. WOW!


The cool thing too is that all of the magazines I read are online which means I can easily take my stack of torn out pages, search for them on the internet, and pin them later.  Then I don’t have a pile of torn papers to deal with.

I’m really excited to see what happens over the next week.  What new things my kids do that I didn’t expect.  I want them to see a mommy, but also a woman who is confident and accomplished.  Don’t men usually marry women like their mothers?  However I decide to display this, I want them to marry a woman with her own life, that takes control of what she wants, and gets it done?