Kids Rooms


As I was reading this really adorable kids nursery post this morning from a new blog I stumbled upon called two twenty one through iheart Organizing, I was thinking about how adorable and organized it was.  I was feeling a twinge of jealousy as I looked at her beautiful photography of inanimate objects and adorable baskets holding baby toys and her coordinating closet containers and I found myself wishing my baby’s room looked like that.


I’m a decorator.  When I say I’m a decorator I mean I love decorating and I’m pretty good at it *horn tooted*. I spend most of my days and often my sleepless nights thinking about decorating and redecorating and renovating.  If I’ve been in your house, I think about decorating and redecorating and renovating your house too. It’s really more of a problem I guess.

So, as I was thinking about this adorable nursery I realized that I have that.  My son’s nursery is painted in the most prefect color of Dust Bunny.  It’s perfect for the bunny theme I’ve held onto for two babies and will reuse one more time for baby no. 3. I hand picked the most perfect neutral baby bunny fabric that has the whimsy for a child but the adult like nature us 21st century moms are looking for. My roman shade, crib bumpers and bed skirt were hand made by my mom so everything is exactly how I wanted it without having to settle on some packaged bed set.  See, that’s me.  I don’t buy it packaged unless it’s curtain panels because it usually comes down to a per yard cost.  Pre-made panels are almost always less expensive and tend to be more interesting (plus they’re already done).  In this instance, the curtain panels were fabric I already had from my previous single-girl apartment shabby chic life. Some kind of cheap gauzy stuff I found somewhere. I added ball trim to make it “baby”. I painted and embellished an old chandelier to use as a mobile because nothing from those big box baby stores would do.  I didn’t want music or bright colors or monkeys.  No offense to the monkey lovers, but it’s past being overdone in a baby’s room.


The white furniture is something I purchased at Target long before I even met my husband, but don’t you think for a second that I didn’t plan to put it in my baby’s room ‘someday’. I wonder what my future husband would have thought if he knew the first night he slept in my single-girls bedroom that he was actually taking a glimpse into his future son’s bedroom.  Haha!  He would have ran like a bat outta hell.  No doubt!


And the final piece to my perfect baby’s bedroom are the three hand cross stitched bunnies that I made myself. I spent many childless hours stitching those in my teen and young adult years in between binge drinking and late nights with fake i.ds.  Apparently it was all part of the plan. 3 bunnies.  3 babies.


*Record Scratch*

What I realized reading that blog, as I was imagining redecorating my son’s room, is that I do have all of those things, but seriously, you’d never know it because my son’s bedroom is a total mess most of the time.  There are usually storage boxes of clothes coming in or going out because he grows so damn fast. Often there are random belts or watches from my bedroom because the kids can’t keep their mitts off my stuff. And there are always toys that belong to his older brother strewn about.

Even I get caught up in the beautiful moments captured on camera for social media, but just like adorable Facebook and Instagram photos of kids doing things “my kid would never sit still long enough to do”, the photos we see are just clean moments in time produced strictly for the camera. Don’t worry, I used my phone for all of these beauties. For some of them I was holding a wiggly crying child.  I think it gives it a more ‘realistic’ vibe. Haha!

My little guy is 19 months old and knows nothing about putting things away other than to copy me.  Well, I unfortunately throw the books in a pile because I’m seriously not up for stacking them for the 15th time today.


The dresser is a collection of things I don’t want him to touch.


The crib bumpers are always untied.


The furniture is pushed up against the walls to provide space to play and far enough from the crib so when he’s bored of being in there he doesn’t pull the lamp over.  He did once and ripped the feather fringe almost off.  There were feathers Every Where!  The crib had to be moved because he’s tall enough to grab the mobile now and turn the light switch on and off.  He yanked the ball trim off most of the roman shade, and I see no point in fixing it until the new baby comes because he’s just going to do it again now that he knows he can.


The rocking chair is never used for rocking, but mostly lies in an upside down position to act as a tiny slide.


The organization I currently hold onto is that things in the general closet area should be toys and everything up high and behind closed doors are clothes that are either too big or too small because I don’t want to get them mixed up.

So, as I said, I felt jealous when I looked at those pictures.  I see them all the time on Pinterest.  The biggest thrill and also time waster of my life.  I’ve really gotten some fantastic ideas from Pinterest and I really don’t knock it in any way because I’m so obsessed, but it is a little too perfect. Don’t you agree?

Because that’s how it is.  The baby’s room is and can be perfect until they start moving. Once they start moving get used to ripped books on the floor, Sophie perfectly placed in the wrong bin, and questionable baby toys.