A Bittersweet Goodbye to Winter


Well, it looks like winter is finally over in Wisconsin.  We wait for it all winter.  On the first 45 degree day that’s sunny you’re bound to see many people, mostly kids, in shorts like it’s 75.  That’s what it feels like to our bodies though.  After months of -15 windchill forecasts, 5 degree days, and snow that just appears while you sleep, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Saying goodbye to winter is bittersweet because it means it’s time to give up our lazy reclusive ways and venture out into the daylight and physically move our bodies.  It’s not bad spending the first nauseous trimester of pregnancy in the winter because really it’s a pretty good excuse to watch tv all day and never go anywhere anyway. Plus, I think I might be one of those lazy people at heart.  I like to be busy and do projects and stuff, but I also really love spending a whole weekend watching Fools Rush In and Friends.  It’s hard to give up that lazy attitude after months of committing to it.

So, here we are.  It’s finally beautiful outside and I’m dreading it.  It’s change.  It’s getting used to the mud and muck and the in-out-in-out, but at the same time I’m excited to give the kids action and adventure that we miss all winter.  The first days outside brought facial injuries, mud, and pee.  Yes, just like Lisa, a day in the life of a little boy is not complete without mud and pee.

Without further adieu, our first week of spring went a little something like this:

Hudson smacked his face on the windowsill running to look out the window.  The bright spring sunlight blinding his poor little eyes.  There was blood, there was a frantic hot mess mamma, and a lot of crying.  Oh well, we’ve all gotten a fat lip or 7.

Ryter smacked his face on the housekeeping shelf at school.  I got a phone call just to let me know “The bleeding has stopped.  I don’t think he’ll need stitches and his tooth didn’t go all the way through, but he bit his lip pretty good.”


I got another phone call from school.  “Everything is fine, but we just wanted you to know Ryter got a small injury on the side of his eye today.  It’ll probably be a black eye.” Yup a good old playground facial smackaroonie from a swing flying too wild and too high.  What would spring playground injuries be without those unwieldy dangerous high flying empty swings?


A mud bath, that despite my feminine distaste for being dirty and ruining my hot pink maternity pants, was probably the most fun we’ve had in a while. Just the idea that I encouraged it was so fun.


And pee, lots of pee.

I really hate it when my kids pee outside, but honestly it really is the only option a lot of the time.  Freshly potty trained kids don’t really give themselves very much time.  They have accidents just running from the living room to the bathroom. I really can’t expect my kid to stop what he’s doing, run all the way to the house, remove his muddy boots, run all the way through the house, up the stairs, and to the bathroom before he pees everywhere.  Our house was built in 1930.  Apparently there was no such thing as main floor bathrooms in that time period.  He can’t hold himself just right.  He usually pees all over himself anyway, but some of it gets on the grass.  How am I supposed to teach that?  Daddy!!!

I didn’t take any pictures of Hudson’s injuries or in the mud, so here he is. 1 year old entrepreneur.