Stitch Fix Style Cards

Stitch Fix Review #1 and my Mama Style Rules

Stitch Fix Style Cards

This week, I’m here to talk about my first Stitch Fix, and to share some guidelines I’ve created for myself as I rebuild my wardrobe from scratch.  Since this was my first Fix, I didn’t really know how it would work out.  I loved getting a box of goodies (who doesn’t), and I LOVED not going to the mall.  But I was a little bummed that I didn’t like everything.

Here’s what I got:

  • 2 jersey knit tops–one with a cowl neckline, and one patterned dolman sleeve top
  • 1 patterned knit skirt
  • 1 burgundy “fit & flare” dress (Winner!)
  • 1 gold bracelet


The dress was adorable.  Everything else was just…meh.  But I had a realization:  In my Style Profile, I never mentioned that I don’t like knits!  Its something I don’t think about when I shop for myself, because I don’t LOOK for knits (unless they’re chunky sweaters, then I’m all over it).  So after returning my items, I updated my profile.

In the end, I liked and kept only one item.  I know, whomp whomp, right?  But I’m going to stick with it!  Here’s why:  It’s like meeting a new friend, and then asking her to go shopping for you.  My Stitch Fix stylist doesn’t know me yet!  Sure, she has a basic idea of my general style, but as she gets to know my likes/dislikes, each Fix will get better.  And if we become besties, I may never have to enter a shopping mall again. (Fingers crossed.)

In the meantime, I still need to rebuild my wardrobe.  I’ve been thinking a lot about style and function.  I want to get dressed without having to think too much about it.  I don’t want to “do” my hair.  But I still care about my appearance.  I’m not ready to embrace yoga pants (although let’s be real, I wear them all the time).

So here are my new Wardrobe Rebuild Rules:

  • Affordable:  most items must cost less than $100.  I would say “all”, but I’m willing to cross (slightly) into 3 digits for quality staple items like a handbag, a wool coat, or maybe a basic cashmere sweater.
  • Adaptable: can be dressed up or down, and suitable for at least 2/3 of these scenarios: Work, Play, or Night Out.
  • Reasonable: No skyscraper heels.  No skirts that threaten to flash panty.  I mean…was that ever ok?
  • Presentable: Even if I only have time to roll out of bed and throw something on, that should not be apparent to anyone else.  Why?  Because the day that I go to Target in rumpled clothes and no makeup, is inevitably the day I’ll run into someone I know.
  • Stylish:  As a seamstress, designer, and vintage enthusiast, I want my new wardrobe to still reflect my eclectic style.  Minimal Eclectic?  Let’s make that a thing.


I’ll receive my next Fix next month.  Until then, I’m checking out the Everlane Home Try-On (I’m in love with their affordable, quality basics), and I’m thinking about snagging one of these Strawberry blouses from PopBasic.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


    • Lisa says:

      I know I know! I need to wear it somewhere. Part the problem with being at home all the time is there isnt much motivation to dress well

    • Lisa says:

      I’m excited about it too! I never remember to do things for myself (must be a mom thing!) so having clothes arrive on my doorstep is a perfect solution. 🙂

  1. Kensley says:

    I got inspired by this post and had my own stitch fix box arrive last night. I think the choices are more dependent on the stylist than anything else because I did it a few years ago and meh. But Mel NAILED IT! I’m keeping all but one and I’m a cheapskate.

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