A Week in My Life-Glamour Lives Here

A week in my life?  Yeah!  It’s pretty awesome. I typically get up and work out, shower, and have my coffee before my children wake up.  They’re late sleepers. That’s my time to reflect on our schedule for the day and to think about how I can do something better today than I did yesterday.  We generally spend our mornings engaging in side by side play with other small children because my network of amazing mommy friends is constantly planning activities. We post our super cute adorable moments on Facebook and Instagram and head home for four hour naps.  Yup, even my 3 ½ year old still takes amazingly long naps. Long naps give me the opportunity to write on our blog, add a few people to my down line in my home run business, and prep all of the veggies and meat for dinner.  My husband usually gets home around 4:30 which gives him plenty of time to help me with dinner while the kids play quietly on the floor in the playroom. Once we have our dinner, the children are bathed, jammied, and ready for snuggles.  They’re both in bed by 7:00 on the dot resting up for their side by side play again tomorrow.  After that my husband and I have plenty of time to discuss our day, talk about our plans for the future, and end our day with amazing sex.

I figured that instead of writing down a boring schedule of my daily tasks I’d just show the photos.  A picture is worth a thousand words anyway right?

 Did you make it all the way to the amazing sex before you decided you either hate me or don’t believe me? Now that you can see the truth, lets try this again.

A week in my life?  Yeah!  It’s pretty awesome. I typically wake up around 5:00 to my husband’s obnoxious alarm or a small child begging me for orange juice. I throw on the same sweats I wore yesterday all day, and trudge to the kitchen to start the coffee which I will proceed to drink from about 5 a.m. to noon often reheating the same cup four or five times before I finally give up.  The only reflection I seem to have on the previous day is something along the lines of It’s tomorrow already?  We generally spend our early mornings watching cartoons and then I ship my oldest off to a.m. school at 6:30 with my husband. I have no network of amazing mommy friends with activities.  I have friends, just not that mommy group thing you see in movies. My Facebook and Instagram postings are typically the shit show things my kids are up to with an Earlybird filter and naps are a battle I lose about a third of the time, at least with the oldest.  My youngest is still in a crib so he’s trapped and eventually he just gives up and passes out. Meal preparation starts around 3:30 and my exact words almost every day are “Oh crap, it’s 3:30. What should we have for dinner?  Lets see, what can I thaw in the sink in warm water in approximately 30 minutes?”  My husband usually gets home around 4:30 which gives him plenty of time to watch the kids run wildly and climb his leg like tiny humping dogs before we sit down to a dinner that mostly ends up on the floor for our strange foster cat to gobble up. Once we have our dinner, the children are bathed. I’m usually more wet than they are at the end, and they mostly act like getting out of the tub is some kind of Greek tragedy. My youngest is in bed by 7:00 and our oldest requires a lot of reading, back, arm, leg, and belly rubbing before he’ll even consider falling asleep.  I usually fall asleep way before he does. After that my husband and I have about 15 minutes to talk to each other before we stare, brain-fried at the tv.  I’m usually asleep halfway through the show so you can forget about the amazing sex.

My kids are happy though, and that makes me happy!


That’s my purpose right now and I have to remind myself every day. These little nuggets are small, beautiful, wild, annoying, naughty, cute, loud, smelly, sweet, sticky little beings that depend on me for every moment of their life. It’s my job to keep their little nest comfortable, organized, warm, and cuddly with a heavy dose of rules, regulations, and respect. As you can see, a week in my life comes in the form of early mornings, very few showers, sticky floors, piles of laundry and dishes, and sleepless nights. I carry on a very glamorous life filled with a.m. school, breakfast, dishes, cleaning, lunch, cleaning, naps, cleaning, snacks, cleaning, playing, and more cleaning. You’d think we’d be more clean than we are with all of the cleaning. The kids are at an age where cleaning up after them is constant, time consuming, exhausting, and annoying. I find kitchen spices lying on the living room floor, toys in my bed, tongue marks on the windows, milk on the floor, and diapers in the laundry basket. They’re always at least one step ahead of me, but I know I’ll only have this once and it will sadly be a very short period of time. As I finish this post I’ve had to yell at my 3 ½ year old three times to tick-toe while the baby sleeps, as he stomps his feet on the floor tromping around in his latest monster form; Beast from Beauty and the Beast.