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Traveling Part 3: International Travel

My first time traveling with a child was when my husband and I traveled internationally when our son was five weeks old. Call us crazy, but we did it and we totally survived.  Quite possibly, our naivety is what helped us through the whole thing. Through all of my experiences, that was probably the easiest one by far.

Tiny sleeping baby on an airplane = the greatest day of your life.

I took a few things away from my international travel experience that I found wishing I would have done or did do.

Formula  Under no circumstances should you go into an international flight thinking you will solely breast feed, especially if it’s relatively new to you like it was to me. Even if you don’t plan on ever giving your child formula. Even if you think formula is the Hitler of the baby food world, please consider it. It’s not Crack for crying out loud. Nobody is getting addicted to the formula, nobody is going to have withdrawals once the formula is taken off the table, and your baby will be just as smart after your international travels as he was before. Perhaps smarter. You can not control the schedule of your travels in this situation. You can not control when you are pulled through customs, lines are long, and TSA agents don’t particularly like women hiding things under their shirts. You don’t have to use it, but you should be prepared. They even make these really cute pre-mixed formula bottles.  They make the baby puke smell way different than formula that you mix, but seriously…it’s easy and to be real, the baby smells weird to everyone else anyway.

Baby Carrier  Buy yourself an easy to apply baby carrier. Remember to make it easy for you. I wanted to be all cute mommy with that mile long stretch wrap thing that you can tuck your baby so tightly in.  Well, I was that cute mommy until I had to take the damn thing off.


Seriously, the idea of taking a mile long piece of stretchy fabric and trying to put it back on your body in an airplane is something nobody should ever have to go through!  Talk about looking like a rookie! Don’t do it!  I have the regular Baby Bjorn now.  It goes on easy and fast, and fits in the bag pretty nicely.  Lisa, one of the HMMs just discovered the Boba Air. I would venture to say that might be even better for traveling at least. I’ve tried a whole host of baby carriers though and the Baby Bjorn is the winner for me up through a year old.

Bulk Head  You’ve seen those lucky people in the front row of the airplane right?  Well, the front row after the lucky people in First Class.  That my friends, is called the bulk head. This would probably be the only time I’d recommend this, but for international travel I think it’s a fantastic way to go. They typically don’t let you request it until you’re at the airport, but give the airline a call before your trip just to be sure.  With the bulk head you have more space.  The trade off is that all of your bags have to go up top, but I’d consider that a very minimal concern compared to the cramped style of the other rows.  One thing about the bulk head that’s amazing is that you can reserve a baby bassinet. Now, my kid hated being put down in any circumstance ever so i didn’t actually use it to put the baby in, but it held all of our bags, random crap that I had pulled out of the bag, and my miles of stretchy baby carrier.  You get the idea.


It hangs on the wall so you and dad can be hands free to eat or just not hold a child for hours at a time. The trade off with the bulk head, at least on our airline, is that the seats are smaller because they have to fit the tv screens and tray tables between the seats instead of in front of you.  Because of that, if you have a big butt…this might be a no go.  Sorry! I had just had a baby and my husband had been sympathy eating for the past 10 months so…our butts were not the smallest ever.  It got a little uncomfortable after 8 hours of flying. If you think you might be one of these people, just ask about the size of the seats.

I hope this travel series has helped ease your worries about traveling with small children or maybe given you some pointers to make future trips much more manageable.

Have you traveled internationally with little kids?  What tips and tricks helped you through the experience?

Traveling Part 2: The Airport and The Airplane

The Airport The airport can really be the place where you could quite possibly see your life flash before your eyes. The lines can be long and inevitably you will have your bags pulled aside and torn apart. On our very first trip with a 5 week old baby they actually patted the baby down and swabbed the baby carrier he was riding in.  Seriously, don’t think it probably won’t happen to you because then it probably most likely will.

Always check your bags and make everyone who is “helping” you check their bags too.  Pulling two bags alongside of you through the parking lot to the car after your trip is no big deal.  Carrying two bags onto a plane and through an airport with a baby and stroller in your group?  Big Deal!

Take your liquids, baby food, and breast pump out of the bag for security check.  No, the breast pump isn’t a computer nor is it made of liquid, but in an effort to avoid the extra security check, take it out of the bag.  Better yet, check it! The TSA agents will undoubtedly assume that you are carrying a bomb.  The tiny baby on your body is no indicator for the possible machinery in your bag.

Leave the child in the stroller until the last possible moment.  Then unhook ‘em, throw the stroller on the belt, and pray to God that they don’t pull your bags aside for an extra check.

Great news for you travelers who haven’t noticed lately, but kids don’t have to take their shoes off anymore when they go through security.  I know!  Whew!  That makes it easy!!

I will say though, that as tough as I am being on security, they will never make you go through that weird x-ray machine thing that my husband thinks is an alien transporter, and they’re usually pretty good waiting for you as you manage everything.

Once you’re through security, you’re home free.  For a while.  Get your coffee and immediately transfer it to that to-go cup I mentioned, fill up your water bottle, and find someplace where you can let your kid run around.

That really awesome airline we all know about where you don’t have to pay to check your bags.  Yeah, their terminal has stuff for the kids to do.  Amazing!

October 2012 (167)

The Airplane  The airplane is really where you kick it up into ultra survival mode.  The rest of the trip, so far, has been planned and there isn’t a whole lot that your kid or TSA agents can do to mess with it.  This next part of your travel, the longest part of your day, could quite possibly be compared to an Improv show.  It will be funny and there will be times when you won’t know what to say or do. Lets just say, you think you know your child until you get ‘em on a plane.

Always go to the bathroom and change your baby before you board the plane.  No matter how much you think you’ll be ok, you’ll have to pee as soon as they tell you to buckle your seat belts.  If you’re traveling alone, it’s perfectly acceptable to pee with a baby strapped to your body.  You gotta do what you gotta do!  Just think about it this way.  Would you rather have people stare at you for taking your baby into the stall strapped to your body or stare at you for the post baby I-can’t-hold-my-pee wet pants?

Ever peed in a public bathroom with a baby strapped to your hip?

Never board the plane when they call Family Boarding.  You’ll be on the plane long enough without that extra 45 minutes, and with most airlines there’s assigned seating.  Plus, your bag is so small it’ll fit under the seat in front of you remember? So, you don’t have to worry about the cargo area being full because you’re getting on last.  Plus, if you think about it, it’s kind of fun to mess with everyone traveling with you.  They saw you at the gate with your adorable child. They smiled. They asked how old he was. But they were secretly hoping you wouldn’t be sitting next to them.  Let ‘em hang on ‘til the last minute.

Now that you’re on the plane, comfy in your seats, played a little game with everyone that found themselves with an empty row through most of boarding, it’s time to settle in.  Do not, I repeat, do not give your child anything to play with or eat.  Right now, everyone thinks he’s adorable.  They love his little peek-a-booing, his clapping, his climbing over the seat.  In about 20 minutes they will not.  No adult actually wants to wave at your child for 2 hours.  You don’t and you love them.  Push every difficult moment til the last possible second and then bring in a little something to calm them down.

Never get a drink from the flight attendant unless your child is old enough to eat ice because that can be some good entertainment for a few minutes. This is why you have your coffee cup and water bottle. If you have a lap child you won’t be able to fold down the tray table anyway.

Beyond that, take out your toys and snacks after you’ve toughed out any small tantrums, pretend like you have to go the bathroom just to get up and walk around, and you’ll be fine.

Have you had a horrible flight experience?  Tell us about it.


Traveling Part 1: Pre Flight and Packing

If you’ve ever done it you know, traveling with a child can be a nightmare.  I’m specifically talking about air travel here. The length of time you’re required to spend at the airport in multiple lines, sitting on the plane in the heat not going anywhere, and then the actual traveling part. You will more than likely find yourself in an awkward position or two with TSA agents. People will judge. Your child will be loud, and depending on their age, say inappropriate things. The seat in front of you will be kicked and used as a device for climbing from your arms no less than one million times.

I’m not going to say I’m the most traveled person in the world or anything, but I do feel like my intense desire to plan for potentially awkward situations has made me a pretty smooth traveler. The easiest thing I discovered is to just make it easy for yourself. You’re running the show so you’ve got to be happy.

I have traveled alone with one child at 3 months, 9 months, and 1 year (and a bunch of times with help including internationally).  Those three ages, as you know, are incredibly different just when it comes to the types of things you need to carry with you on a daily basis. Air travel is no different.  For the first two years of your child’s life, literally every flight will be like the first for you.

Pre Flight  This is really short and simple, but traveling starts before the big day.  Not all ticket websites let you put infant/lap child on your itinerary.  Don’t panic.  You can still make reservations online.  After you’ve made reservations for everyone that needs a seat, call the airline and add the lap child.  It’s free unless you’re traveling internationally.  Your kid can sit on your lap until he’s 2. Some airlines do offer a discounted seat for a child if they’re over 2 and require a seat, but it’s very little.  It’s not like your seat will be $250 and his will be $25.  I’ll probably be more like $249.50.

When I make my reservations, I always do layovers too.  It probably seems like making your day all about flying is worse than just hurrying up and getting there, but I find it so much better to get on and off the plane.  Everyone gets a chance to move around, plus each flight is relatively short and so there’s less time for you and your kid to freak out.  Just be smart.  An hour to an hour and half is a good layover.  You just want enough time to get off and get back on.  Maybe go to the bathroom and change your child like a civilized person in a somewhat normal bathroom and not in the washing machine they call the airplane lavatory.  Lisa’s words.  I loved them.  Great comparison.

Choose seats wisely.  If I’m traveling alone I choose the aisle seat and if I’m traveling with “helpers” I choose the window and middle seats. This is all assuming you’ve got a lap child.  Basically, if there’s only one adult you want access to the aisle easily, but when you have someone to help you that gives you more space to move and the kids really love the window.  Why not always choose the aisle? If your former childless self hasn’t been paying attention during flight announcements you may not know that you are not allowed to walk up and down the aisle with your child anymore.  Wah wah!   I also like to sit in the back of the plane, but that’s my preference.  I find its closer to the bathroom and it’s kind of the party area back there.  People are usually a little more relaxed.  That’s your jam!  Relaxed travelers!

Travel day breakfast.

Packing  Do not let yourself fall apart before you even get on the plane. Start by giving yourself enough time to pack.  I never take a diaper bag on the plane because there’s never enough dividers and diaper bags are truly the biggest black hole.  I never met a diaper bag I liked. Truly!  As vast as the baby market is, there are only a few things out there that actually don’t suck!  Use a carry on bag with ample zippers, pockets, dividers, etc. If it won’t fit under the seat in front of you, it’s too big. This will be your diaper bag for the entire trip so make sure you can handle it. Remember that traveling alone or with multiple other “helpers”, you will be doing almost everything one handed.  If you can’t get your diaper stuff out of your bag with one hand, or get the blanket back in the bag with one hand, you’re screwed. Store as many things as possible in separate plastic zipper bags.  It makes it really easy because not only are small things contained, but that plastic slides great along the fabric on the inside of the bag and you aren’t without many disposable bags if there are “accidents”. Having everything divided up in bags is also really handy when the TSA agent on a power trip chooses your bags to empty onto the conveyor belt.

If you’re traveling internationally, take a change of clothes for yourself.  Otherwise, deal with it.

Take only what you need and be realistic.  You do not need 5 changes of clothes for your kid.  One will do.  Layer your kids too. You can peel a layer off if they puke or spill.

You do not need an entire package of diapers and wipes.  A small stack and travel wipes container will do. And, for goodness sake, pack those diapers and wipes in something easily removable from your bag.  You are not going to be able to fit your entire bag into the airplane lavatory and yourself and baby.

Take enough formula and baby food for your travel as planned, and then add one extra serving of each in case of a delay.  Beyond that, scour the airport.  You’re bound to find someone who can help you.  Worst case scenario, milk and applesauce never killed anyone.  Keep in mind that just because you are traveling with a child, security will not let just anything through.  When I traveled to NYC with my 15 month old, I brought enough of those food pouches for our entire trip because I knew we were going to be doing a lot of sightseeing and I wasn’t sure about suitable food availability for a child his age at the times he may need to eat.  Plus, my sister lived in kind of a weird area and I didn’t even know how easily accessible a grocery store would be.  Well, the TSA agent told me I could only take on enough food as was necessary for my flight.  She jacked about 20 of those pouches from me.


If your kid is of the age where they can focus on stuff, look at books, etc. buy them something new.  If they’ve never seen it before they’re more likely to pay attention for about 15 minutes. Buy only one thing because, to be real, they probably won’t care anyway.

Take more than one pacifier.  There’s nothing worse than dropping it and having it bounce three rows back and land under the feet of the guy who’s been snoring since you boarded the plane.  Make sure it has a clip too.

Pack a to-go coffee cup and reusable water bottle.  The to-go cup is for you to transfer your airport or airplane coffee into a child safe cup.  The reusable water bottle is to save yourself $5 at the airport.  Plus, they both double as toys for the kiddo.

If your kids are a little older, don’t forget the iPad and headphones (they make volume limiting ones) and as many tiny snacks as possible.  All that crumbly messy stuff.  Just keep feeding them.  I don’t think my kids have actually ever eaten a meal on travel day.  It’s all about constant small amounts of tasty stuff.

The airlines will let you check your car seat and annoyingly large stroller for free if you need to.  I’ve never done it.

And finally, a cheap umbrella stroller. If your kid can hold his head up, then the umbrella stroller will help a lot for being able to put the baby down and have free hands.  It does have to go through the x-ray machine so don’t hang stuff all over it.  If you find yourself hanging crap all over the stroller, then you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve said.

What do you pack in your carry on bag that is a must every time you fly?


You Have No Idea How Lucky You Are

“That’s all he ever does” my friend said to me as her son was completely engrossed in his latest Lego creation. “Come on, lets go play with the other kids. Come on sweetie, lets go play with the other kids.” I looked at her, smiled and laughed one of those breathy You have no idea how lucky you are  laughs. Thats what I was thinking, at that moment all I could think about was how lucky she was that her son focused.  How much I’d kill for my son to sit down and play with Legos. That he sat down and played with one specific thing for longer than a trip to the bathroom. I suppose, just maybe, as she watched me chase my son from Timbuktu and back that day she could have been thinking the very same thing about me. Maybe I have no idea how lucky I am.

Every kid is different. Sure they fit into categories of some sort like the kids with high energy, the shy kids, the focused kids, the kids with no focus at all, etc. Whatever your kid may be, there will always be times in your life as a parent when you’re wishing they could have just a little bit of that something that so and so’s kid has.  Just a few moments of high energy, or just a little bit of shy thrown in with their outgoing personality. Sometimes you’ll wish your kid was just like the other kids for once instead of like themselves. A little less energetic because, lets face it, an energetic 3 year old is like an idiot college student on his 5th Red Bull and vodka. It’s very exhausting and impossible to keep up. Maybe you wish your kid wasn’t so shy because she might be missing out on all the fun just because she isn’t outgoing enough.

As adults we spend our lives just trying to fit in somewhere.  In our jobs, with some new people we just met, in groups of moms or dads, or with the same friends we’ve had our whole lives. Just trying to fit in and feel comfortable all of the time. You know what?  We can’t always fit in and not every moment is comfortable.  As adults we think we know that.  We’ve been through that horrible thing we all called high school or the biggest popularity contest with no winner. We’ve had jobs where nobody wanted to be our friend because we did more work than was expected of us, or had a boss that didn’t like us because we only did what he asked and no more.  When it comes to our kids they like being me. They’re good with being energetic, or shy, or focused, or unfocused. That’s who they are and that’s all they know right now.  Being embarrassed because they just won’t sit down when the other kids are sitting?  That’s you. Wishing they weren’t the loud one at the birthday table talking about some story they made up? That’s you. Wishing your kid wasn’t attached to your leg right now not saying hello to the other people in the room?  That’s you. Not them. Not them. Not them.

When you think about how lucky someone else is because of what they have or what they don’t have to deal with, remember that NO MATTER WHAT the grass is always greener. For every mom you think is so lucky because their kid isn’t the one having the tantrum on the middle of the Marshall’s floor, there’s a mom that looked at you on the playground with your adorable kiddos and thought you were the lucky one.

We all have our lucky moments.  We all have perfect children for a moment frozen in social media time. Next time, before you think about how lucky someone else, is just remember that maybe you’re the lucky one.

A Week in My Life-Glamour Lives Here

A week in my life?  Yeah!  It’s pretty awesome. I typically get up and work out, shower, and have my coffee before my children wake up.  They’re late sleepers. That’s my time to reflect on our schedule for the day and to think about how I can do something better today than I did yesterday.  We generally spend our mornings engaging in side by side play with other small children because my network of amazing mommy friends is constantly planning activities. We post our super cute adorable moments on Facebook and Instagram and head home for four hour naps.  Yup, even my 3 ½ year old still takes amazingly long naps. Long naps give me the opportunity to write on our blog, add a few people to my down line in my home run business, and prep all of the veggies and meat for dinner.  My husband usually gets home around 4:30 which gives him plenty of time to help me with dinner while the kids play quietly on the floor in the playroom. Once we have our dinner, the children are bathed, jammied, and ready for snuggles.  They’re both in bed by 7:00 on the dot resting up for their side by side play again tomorrow.  After that my husband and I have plenty of time to discuss our day, talk about our plans for the future, and end our day with amazing sex.

I figured that instead of writing down a boring schedule of my daily tasks I’d just show the photos.  A picture is worth a thousand words anyway right?

 Did you make it all the way to the amazing sex before you decided you either hate me or don’t believe me? Now that you can see the truth, lets try this again.

A week in my life?  Yeah!  It’s pretty awesome. I typically wake up around 5:00 to my husband’s obnoxious alarm or a small child begging me for orange juice. I throw on the same sweats I wore yesterday all day, and trudge to the kitchen to start the coffee which I will proceed to drink from about 5 a.m. to noon often reheating the same cup four or five times before I finally give up.  The only reflection I seem to have on the previous day is something along the lines of It’s tomorrow already?  We generally spend our early mornings watching cartoons and then I ship my oldest off to a.m. school at 6:30 with my husband. I have no network of amazing mommy friends with activities.  I have friends, just not that mommy group thing you see in movies. My Facebook and Instagram postings are typically the shit show things my kids are up to with an Earlybird filter and naps are a battle I lose about a third of the time, at least with the oldest.  My youngest is still in a crib so he’s trapped and eventually he just gives up and passes out. Meal preparation starts around 3:30 and my exact words almost every day are “Oh crap, it’s 3:30. What should we have for dinner?  Lets see, what can I thaw in the sink in warm water in approximately 30 minutes?”  My husband usually gets home around 4:30 which gives him plenty of time to watch the kids run wildly and climb his leg like tiny humping dogs before we sit down to a dinner that mostly ends up on the floor for our strange foster cat to gobble up. Once we have our dinner, the children are bathed. I’m usually more wet than they are at the end, and they mostly act like getting out of the tub is some kind of Greek tragedy. My youngest is in bed by 7:00 and our oldest requires a lot of reading, back, arm, leg, and belly rubbing before he’ll even consider falling asleep.  I usually fall asleep way before he does. After that my husband and I have about 15 minutes to talk to each other before we stare, brain-fried at the tv.  I’m usually asleep halfway through the show so you can forget about the amazing sex.

My kids are happy though, and that makes me happy!


That’s my purpose right now and I have to remind myself every day. These little nuggets are small, beautiful, wild, annoying, naughty, cute, loud, smelly, sweet, sticky little beings that depend on me for every moment of their life. It’s my job to keep their little nest comfortable, organized, warm, and cuddly with a heavy dose of rules, regulations, and respect. As you can see, a week in my life comes in the form of early mornings, very few showers, sticky floors, piles of laundry and dishes, and sleepless nights. I carry on a very glamorous life filled with a.m. school, breakfast, dishes, cleaning, lunch, cleaning, naps, cleaning, snacks, cleaning, playing, and more cleaning. You’d think we’d be more clean than we are with all of the cleaning. The kids are at an age where cleaning up after them is constant, time consuming, exhausting, and annoying. I find kitchen spices lying on the living room floor, toys in my bed, tongue marks on the windows, milk on the floor, and diapers in the laundry basket. They’re always at least one step ahead of me, but I know I’ll only have this once and it will sadly be a very short period of time. As I finish this post I’ve had to yell at my 3 ½ year old three times to tick-toe while the baby sleeps, as he stomps his feet on the floor tromping around in his latest monster form; Beast from Beauty and the Beast.



Kids and Screens: It’s Time to Pay Attention

I’ve thought a lot about how to write this post. Technology is plentiful in our house.  My husband is in computers for work and well, we just love our phones, tablets, etc.  You name it and we’ve either got it or we’ve tried it.   When I say we, I mostly mean my husband, but I like it too.  Our kids were born to like it. It’s in their blood as the next generation of kids. Like many generations that are the first to face new innovations that their parents and grandparents never faced, our kids are facing technology. Read more

Pregnancy Delusions: It’s A Beautiful Thing

Delusional Perfection. Just a few short hours before my son was born.

You are delusional.  Yes, I’m talking to you. Every single one of you.  If you’re a first time parent, basically you are 100% delusional.  I can say that because I was delusional too.  It comes with the territory.  The thing about it though, is that I didn’t know I was delusional.

My pregnancy delusions started way before I was actually pregnant, married, even before I met this guy I call my husband. See, I used to be a babysitter for one family for many years.  I cared for one until there were two and then I cared for two until there were three.  Trust me, I was a 16 year old pro.  I had it down!  I totally knew how to be a parent.  Hot dogs for lunch, swimming lessons, naps, movies, laundry.  I was cool! I was so cool that even after I got pregnant my tag line was something like “I used to babysit” like that’s some kind of code for I’m way more prepared than most women my age.  You’ve said that right?  I used to babysit.

Laugh at yourself.  Laugh at yourself right now, because like I said before, you are delusional.  It’s okay though because I think that delusion is all part of it.  Without the pregnancy delusion you probably wouldn’t even get pregnant. It’s our creators plan. If we all actually knew what was about to happen to our lives, our bodies, our clothes, our hair, our homes, our relationships we’d never do it. Lets face it, after having two kids I’m so crazy I’m actually thinking of having a third.

So, one of the only things I wasn’t delusional about was the actual birth of my child.  One of my great friends is an OBGYN and she laid it out straight from the doctors point of view.  No birth plan. Don’t waste your time. It isn’t gonna happen.  The only birth plan you need is Get this baby out of me NOW. Yes, there are things you should know from the start like the location you’re going to have the baby, whether or not you want an epidural, and if it’s ok for the first words your husband utters to be “it has balls” when the baby comes out.  Outside of that, just let it ride. The baby will come out, the doctors will help you, the nurses are typically fantastic, and you will poop.

If you’re pregnant for the first time, I’m sure you’re hearing endless comments about how tired you’re going to be and how you’re going to have to get up in the middle of the night like every two hours. It’s ok because you know what tired is like right?  I mean, you’ve seen the sun rise before. You’re cool. Nope! Wrong! That’s called delusion my friend. You have no idea what tired is until you have that baby.  It doesn’t last long because your body does get used to it, but seriously it’s a tired like no tired you’ve ever experienced before. My legs were actually folding under me the day after I had my first child. By the time the second one comes you’re so permanently exhausted it’s much less of a shock.

Exhaustion is contagious.

The thing about this pregnancy delusion is that you’ve thought about your birth plan, people warn you about being tired, and everybody has some kind of horrible story about something bad or weird that happened to them or their friend, blah blah blah.  You listen, you don’t listen, you say it isn’t going to happen to you, it all happens to you, and you laugh at yourself later.  The biggest delusion of all are the secrets. The stuff nobody tells you because they forgot, it was too graphic, or just sad.  If I had just had a little flip book with statements from real moms that had recently gone through what I was going through it would have been amazing. Your moms can tell you all kinds of things, but I know now that they just don’t remember everything.  Their memories are of the sunshine and rainbows part of having a child 30 years ago.  Even now, only three short years after my first, my memories are mostly sunshine and rainbows. Experts can write pages and pages in fancy books to prepare you, guide you, etc. and all of that can be very helpful, but what you really need is another mommy to clear away that delusion for you. Wipe the fog off your glasses. Scrape the ice off your windshield.

You’ll probably cry. A lot.|There’s a thing called being a motion baby. Mine was one. Get a swing and don’t be afraid to use it.|Give them a pacifier if it helps. It’s natural. It’s okay.|Hold them forever if you want to because they will NEVER be that tiny again.|Put them down if you want. They’ll survive.|You’ll probably cry. A lot.|Wine is OK.| Coffee is OK.|Immunizations are OK.|Play pens are OK.|The first time you poop afterward will be terrifying|The nursery is a perfectly acceptable place to send your baby. Remember your body needs time to recover.|Sometimes you’ll wonder if having a child was the right decision. It was.|You and your husband will fight. Kiss and make up. This is stressful.|You’ll never want to have sex again. You will. It will be different.|You will cry. A lot.|You will be bored.|You will be confused.|You’ll wonder what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t worry about what you’re supposed to be doing. Do what feels right.|Put down the internet. There’s too much information.|Three days between showers is normal.|Your husband won’t be very helpful. Remember, he doesn’t have boobs and your baby thinks he smells weird.|He thinks the baby smells weird.|Going to Target three days after you have your baby is OK. You don’t need to quarantine them.|People will touch your baby. A lot. It’s OK|You will cry. A lot|Your child isn’t different. He’s just like every other baby. Only your friends and family care.|You’ll never want a second one.|You’ll want a second one. Maybe more.|It doesn’t get easier. Only different.|It’s just a stage. They’ll grow out of it. You’ll wonder how time flew by so fast.|Time crawls. Some days feel like they’ll never end.|Babies are boring. Babies are fun. Babies are exhausting. Babies ruin everything. Babies change everything. Babies make every day worth living.

Pregnancy Delusion, It’s a beautiful thing!SSPX0402



Normal is All Relative.

Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m married and a stay-at-home mom to two rambunctious little boys 31/2 and 16 months. We live in a fixer-upper in Wisconsin too many miles away from the other two beautiful mamas on this blog.

Not unlike Lisa and Kensley, I too am a hot mess and so are my kids. I’m a Pinterest mom and a DIY kind of gal, but it never comes without it’s fair share of yelling, crying, mess, and destruction.

I hope this blog is a place where you can come to see what life is really like. I think we must all have that itch to put on a show for social media, myself included. Only show the best parts. Not here. There’s no show here. This is the real thing and we’re going public about it. You’re going to actually see it. If you’re like me, you struggle with the images others portray in their mommy blogs. That’s not to say their messages aren’t good and their advice isn’t invaluable, but sometimes it’s nice to just see the hot mess. The before and after of a kids activity gone completely wrong or the truth about how many hours a day your kid has watched tv.

Next time someone looks at you disapprovingly as your child eats something questionable and orange off the grocery store floor think of us. You are not alone my friend. In fact, your life is much more normal than you think!