Love Letters in the Time of Corona

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Read more

Bedtime Routine

The Bedtime Routine

I wrote this post about 7 weeks ago and never posted it.   Our bedtime routine is probably not unlike most families with two little… Read more

Hot Mess Mamas | "My 'No Plan' Plan"

My “No Plan” Plan

Do you know anyone who’s been pregnant forever?  Well, I suppose not.  Not until now.  Okay. okay. So my due date is tomorrow, but I… Read more

Hot Mess Mamas | Lost in Ikea

Lost in IKEA Purgatory

To those of you who have been to IKEA before, you know it can be a mad house. And to those of you who haven’t… Read more

My Days Off

Saturday and Sunday are my days off.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I’m always at “work”.  There’s always laundry, dishes, cleaning, putting away, etc., but seriously… Read more

Everything is Messy

Summer has been busy and writing on the blog has been something I’ve been thinking about constantly, but never actually getting the energy, inspiration, or… Read more

Hot Mess Mamas | My Mini Me

Mini Me

My lady toddler is starting to have quite the personality. She will say, “Do you want to wear my tutu, sweetie?” to her little cousin… Read more

I Could Make That!

My oldest is turning 4 next week-seems impossible, but it’s true.  He’s at the age now where kids are starting to have parties.  I thought… Read more

Forced Family Fun

We kept it low-key this year for my side of the family vacation. We stayed at a lake house on Eagle Mountain Lake near Ft.… Read more

The Mombie

We are in major sleep regression mode over here. I am a zombie mombie in every sense of the word again. In every phase of… Read more

One Hot Mess of a Play Date

The three of us had the rare opportunity to see each other two weekends in a row last month. The first was a crazy girls’ weekend… Read more

Hey Failure. Sup?

Failure.  Have you failed miserably in certain situations with your kids?  Maybe your failure is giving them too much candy because it was easier than… Read more

The Playground

Confession: I used to be one of those moms. You know those moms!  The ones that tell their kids No constantly even when they’re doing… Read more

Guest Post: Pukenado

I love it when other mamas share their hot mess stories. It makes the rest of us sigh with relief that it happens to others… Read more

Expanding Your Family With Secondary Infertility

When do you know you’re ready for another child? Some mamas don’t get a choice and find out breastfeeding is not a form of birth… Read more

Learning from the Best

Just because Mother’s Day was yesterday, doesn’t mean we can’t honor our mothers the day after. They deserve our respect every day of the year,… Read more

Lisa and Sydney Opera House

The Girl Who Cried ‘Poop!’

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, I asked my mom to share one of her “hot mess” stories with us. It would appear that… Read more

30-Day Challenge

I started my challenge on May 1 and it’s going really well so far.  So, to back up for a second, I need to be… Read more

Hot Mess Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Procrastinators

Call me Last Second Sally. Or Procrastinator Priscilla? Because I am notorious for scrambling at the last second for Mother’s Day gifts. Lie. I scramble… Read more

Something More

I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 3 1/2 years.  It’s the only thing I ever wanted, but it’s a lot different… Read more

Coffee Cup

Laugh It Off

I get embarrassed easily. I get embarrassed when I catch myself muttering aloud when I’m home alone. I only dance when NO ONE is watching… Read more

How to Survive the World of Family Entertainment

Last weekend, my fellow Hot Mess Mama Lisa and I (or rather our children) were invited to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite… Read more

Hang on to Your Youth

I was at the car wash this morning because my little guy had decided to sleep longer than usual and my husband was working from… Read more

Kids Rooms

As I was reading this really adorable kids nursery post this morning from a new blog I stumbled upon called two twenty one through iheart… Read more

Vintage Art iPhone 6 Cases That (Better) Last!

Last week I wrote about what happens when you don’t have your phone with you. This week, it’s all about what happens when you do.… Read more

Child Sitting on Potty

Montessori Inspired Toileting

We’ve been “potty training” for about 6 months now.  I’m using quotes because a) I don’t think we’ll be at 100% toilet use for a… Read more

What Happens When You Forget Your Phone

What do you do when you don’t have your security blanket smart phone with you? Freak out like me? Or remain calm and carefree? I… Read more

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Winter

Well, it looks like winter is finally over in Wisconsin.  We wait for it all winter.  On the first 45 degree day that’s sunny you’re bound… Read more

Guest Post: Emergency at the Target Parking Lot

I am thrilled that one of our readers, one of my dear and unbelievably talented friends, Heather Watson Hardy, sent me one of her hot… Read more

A Bag for All Adventures: BEXAR Goods Co.

I had a chance to talk to a long-time colleague of mine after doing a bird survey the other day. I hadn’t talked to him… Read more

Reading a bedtime story

A Goodnight Kiss

When I was pregnant, people couldn’t wait to tell me that I would “never sleep again”. But I want to tell all future mamas out… Read more

Bodily Fluids-These Things Happen

My alarm went off at 2 a.m. this morning. The 18-month old sleep regression alarm. I didn’t really believe that sleep regression was a thing,… Read more

Sugar + Toddler + Restaurant = Fail

So my well-intentioned, but highly cocky “respect” discipline philosophy first mentioned here ran head first into a brick wall last night. And it died a… Read more

Hands on Belly

Belly Rubs: A Horror Story

  How to begin this story? I was pregnant. I was at work. I was in the bathroom, as usual. I’ve spent an awful lot… Read more

Don’t Waste Your Breath

  This morning I was all set to present to you my Bittersweet Goodbye to Winter about my desire to continue to be winter-lazy, but… Read more

Playground Politics

Most people refer to “playground politics” as the petty one-upmanship parents do to each other while navigating through the intimidating world of raising children. Others… Read more

Toddler Walking Outside

Mud, Coffee, Pee: A Typical Morning

It’s a normal weekday morning.  We wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and he plays with his toys while I pack his school bag. We… Read more

Chicken Coop Renting? What.

I have always wanted a chicken coop. So when we moved to a house with a big backyard, I started salivating at the thought of… Read more

And Baby Makes Five

  Making the decision to have three kids wasn’t an easy one for me.  I have always been a two kid person.  I never imagined… Read more

Lisa & Baby C

I’m a Unicorn. No, really.

You don’t know me. Well, maybe you do (our readership is still small, after all). But if not, all you know about me is that… Read more

On Dressing Little Boys

I have no idea what it’s like to dress a little girl, but judging by the opinions of myself and other women I know, I’m… Read more

Rediscovering Youth

I visited my parents a few weekends ago and had the brilliant idea to show Nina my childhood dollhouse. My grandfather built me a simple… Read more

Lisa and C post nursing

It was Great!! Eventually.

Breastfeeding is how I discovered the power of embarrassing your male coworkers. I had two different run-ins with male colleagues asking where I was going… Read more


There’s an acronym for everything these days, breastfeeding included.  BFing. It’s sort of a swear word, don’t you think? That probably sums up my experience in… Read more

Suck it, boobs.

WARNING* This week we’re all chiming in on breastfeeding so yes, we are talking all-things boob. It’s been a while for me, but it’s something… Read more

Cloth Diapering is Not a Big Deal

Cloth Diapering: It’s Not a Big Deal (I Swear!)

If you’ve ever been to any pregnancy/parenting online forum, you’ve probably seen signature lines like this: “Home-birthing, cloth-diapering, BF-ing, Baby-wearing Mama of 7.” (Whoa!)  You’ll… Read more

Home Schooling Nightmares

I was never the person that thought I’d home school my kids.  To be honest, I always thought it was a little strange when I was… Read more

On Ballet and Valentine’s Day

I think I’m the only one who really doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Shudder. Everyone seems to make a big deal about this day. All the… Read more

Stitch Fix Style Cards

Stitch Fix Review #1 and my Mama Style Rules

This week, I’m here to talk about my first Stitch Fix, and to share some guidelines I’ve created for myself as I rebuild my wardrobe… Read more

Don’t Be Afraid

When I had my first child I was pretty excited to be at home with him, do whatever I wanted for once, and pretty much… Read more

Hold Up. Am I Pulling a Joan Crawford?

I am so annoyed with the endless researching and insecurity behind ensuring I’m raising my child well. I’m fed up. And so I just…stopped. Have… Read more

Love Your Leftovers

Confession time: I’m one of those moms. I’m forever trying to make every little thing myself. I make my kid’s lunches from scratch and package… Read more

Ugh, Food!

The title of this post says it all.  I hate meal time and as a stay at home mom it’s seriously every 2 hours.  Breakfast.… Read more

Tired Mama Meals Part III: 15 Super Easy Comfort Foods

After throwing out some easy mix-and-match meals here (i.e., the one-pot concept) and tips on de-stressing my weeknight meals here, I wanted to follow up… Read more

Tired Mama Meals Part II: The One-Pot Concept

After providing a few tips on de-stressing my weeknight meals here, I wanted to follow up with some “pseudorecipes” that have saved this tired mama… Read more

Tired Mama Meals Part I: No-Stress Weeknight Tips

I am tired of every blog, magazine, or website making me feel inadequate about cooking dinner. I would love to say I cook everything from… Read more

A Hot Mess of a Book Recommendation: Big Little Lies

I have recently started reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Snort. Who am I kidding? I only listen to audio books on my way… Read more

Mama Style

My Mama Style Intervention

Last weekend, I took my son to the bookstore for a post-illness treat (a book and a new toy).  He was getting over the flu,… Read more

Battle of the Toddler Role Models

I am not a princessy kinda gal. I don’t like a lot of bling, bows, or banter. My profession is in wildlife biology and I… Read more

Traveling Part 3: International Travel

My first time traveling with a child was when my husband and I traveled internationally when our son was five weeks old. Call us crazy,… Read more

Traveling Part 2: The Airport and The Airplane

The Airport The airport can really be the place where you could quite possibly see your life flash before your eyes. The lines can be… Read more

Traveling Part 1: Pre Flight and Packing

If you’ve ever done it you know, traveling with a child can be a nightmare.  I’m specifically talking about air travel here. The length of… Read more

That %&#! Minivan

We started this little blog to share the Real.  The Embarrassing, the Funny, and sometimes the Difficult. But despite my endless supply of just such… Read more

You Have No Idea How Lucky You Are

“That’s all he ever does” my friend said to me as her son was completely engrossed in his latest Lego creation. “Come on, lets go… Read more

Amazing Toddler Books with a Hot Mess Twist

Since SOMETIMES this hot mess mama gets it right, I thought I’d share some very cool books I’ve come across for toddlers. And in fact,… Read more

Home Office

A Week in My Life: Building a Parachute

I returned to work after 10 weeks of maternity leave bliss. The fact that I still use “bliss” for this period of exhaustion & mastitis might… Read more

A Week in My Life-Glamour Lives Here

A week in my life?  Yeah!  It’s pretty awesome. I typically get up and work out, shower, and have my coffee before my children wake… Read more

A Week in My Life: Uncomfortable Confessions

I would love to say my life is glamorous, mysterious, envious, or a combo of the three. I would love to relish in your jealousy… Read more

Kids & Screens: The Magic of Toothpicks

I rarely watched TV as a child.  We watched things like the Marx Brothers or Alfred Hitchcock films on “Friday Movie Night”.  We almost never watched anything current. … Read more

Kids and Screens: The Lost Art of Boredom

The trendy motherhood opinion these days is to fight against the technology invading our homes and overtaking our children’s attention spans. Even CEOs of major… Read more

Kids and Screens: It’s Time to Pay Attention

I’ve thought a lot about how to write this post. Technology is plentiful in our house.  My husband is in computers for work and well,… Read more

Lisa Bonked Out

Pregnancy Delusions: You’ll Be Different

I hate advice.  I’ve even gone out of my way to do the opposite of whatever advice I’ve been given.  I once painted our kitchen BLUE because a… Read more

Pregnancy Delusions: It’s A Beautiful Thing

You are delusional.  Yes, I’m talking to you. Every single one of you.  If you’re a first time parent, basically you are 100% delusional.  I… Read more

Pregnancy Delusions: Reality Bites

Almost every mother I know (including myself) remembers exactly how they wanted their pregnancy, labor and delivery method, and parenting philosophy to go down before… Read more

Cheers to the Imperfect. Here Here to the Madness.

Of course I’m the last to post on our little blog project because, as you may have guessed, I’m a hot mess mama in the… Read more

Normal is All Relative.

Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m married and a stay-at-home mom to two rambunctious little boys 31/2 and 16 months. We live in a fixer-upper in Wisconsin… Read more

Welcome to the Chaos.

Hey! I’m Lisa. I’m a working mama who recently left my 8-5 to freelance and spend more time at home. I’m happily married, and a… Read more