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Mama Style

Last weekend, I took my son to the bookstore for a post-illness treat (a book and a new toy).  He was getting over the flu, and after a few days holed up on the couch we needed a little sunshine and a change of pace.

On our way back to the car, I caught a glimpse of myself in a window reflection.  I was mildly horrified.  Tired eyes.  Unbrushed hair.  Basic tshirt and jeans.

Who the hell is that??

I used to LOVE getting dressed.  I worked for several boutiques in my 20s, so it was kinda part of the job.
I teetered around in platform heels and artfully “mismatched” pieces.  I took on styling clients.  I designed window displays.  Work was about inspiring others with the art of fashion.  T-shirts and jeans were strictly for behind-the-scenes.

Then I got a job in a very casual corporate office.  I bought flip-flops.  I wore jeans.  I got lazy.  When I was pregnant, I rallied.  Maternity dressing was surprisingly fun!  I wore tons of cute dresses.  I even wore heels…at least until I hit 8 months, when my feet became unrecognizable marshmallows.

I knew I was going to breastfeed, but as a newbie I had no idea what that meant in sartorial terms.  Have you SEEN the nursing wear that’s available?  It’s a nightmare of frumpy jersey tops.

And so it happened.  My fun, eclectic 20’s wardrobe got smooshed to the back of the closet to make room for…?

Nothing.  Crap.  Frump!  T-shirts and basic cardigans.  And that’s where I am today.  The worst part is, I KNOW BETTER!

So this week, I FINALLY took action.  I lugged an Ikea bag full of old clothes to Buffalo Exchange.  I packed a Balikbayan box full of MORE clothes to send to my cousins in the Philippines.  I prepped a rack full of vintage pieces to sell on Etsy.

My closet is bare.  It’s kind of exciting.  But now what?  I don’t really have time to go shopping.  Well, actually…I really really hate going shopping.  There, I’ve said it.

Stitch Fix to the rescue!

I’ve been hearing about this service for about a year now, and I’m pretty excited to finally try it out.  My first Fix is arriving next week, so after I get it I’ll be sharing with you what I got, what I kept, and why.  I’ll also share my thoughts on a functional mama wardrobe that is NOT frumpy.

If you’ve tried Stitch Fix already, I’d love to know what you think of it.  And if not, I’ve added a link over to the right so you can try it with me!