Battle of the Toddler Role Models

I am not a princessy kinda gal. I don’t like a lot of bling, bows, or banter. My profession is in wildlife biology and I have always loved natural, historical, or meaningful elements in life. My mom could never understand why I shunned glitter for gray. I try not to let this whole Disney Princess business bother me. I mean, I loved growing up with Ariel, Belle, and Aurora. But it sometimes does. And do you know why? Because princesses don’t do anything.

Princesses don’t rule. At least not yet. They don’t direct, manage, or lead. They aren’t innovative or risk-takers. There’s little understanding of hard work and value (except for Cindy). They sing a lot. Beauty is typically their only weapon. Or only reason worth saving. Because they can’t save themselves. And they mostly end up marrying gorgeous rich men by their early 20s. At least that’s what Disney wants you to think. I mean, look at this employment breakdown!

buzzfeed.com_2They can’t even wear pants!

buzzfeed-com_3While not entirely accurate, you can read the rest of the census here. I found it very edutaining.

So while I try to instill fulfilling role models in my daughter’s life (like this mom), true heroines, actual incredible ladies who made an impact in our lifetime, women who warm my heart like Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, or Georgia O’Keefe, I am nevertheless stuck with this:

Photo_292 Photo_290