Welcome to the Chaos.

Hey! I’m Lisa. I’m a working mama who recently left my 8-5 to freelance and spend more time at home. I’m happily married, and a proud mama to my 16-month old little dude.

I love puttering around in my organic garden, whipping up homemade clothing for the whole family, and renovating our east Austin home. I also enjoy crafting homemade Montessori materials and reading chapter books to my remarkably astute toddler.

Haahahaha. Who am I kidding?? My garden is almost completely overgrown. My sewing machines haven’t been touched since before my son was born. We only just recently hooked up the second sink in our master bathroom. Should I tell you how long that project went unfinished? Well, the last time I used my sewing machine, our bathroom had only 1 functional sink. I think you can figure it out from there.

I’m a hot mess! That’s why I’m here. And maybe, just maybe, that’s why you’re here too.

Joining me soon here are my dear friends Lindsey & Kensley. We’re starting this blog as a sort of antidote to the perfect-seeming mama blogs that are out there. It’s so easy to only show the best parts of mom life to the world. But there is great value, and often a lot of humor, in the most embarrassing bits. When your kid dumps coffee in your lap at a restaurant. When you accidentally laugh when another mom’s kid locks himself in her car. When your male coworker asks you where you’re going, as you tote your ugly Medela pump bag to the bathroom for the millionth time.

Or maybe you’re perfect all the time. In which case, feel free to laugh at our misadventures.