Normal is All Relative.

Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m married and a stay-at-home mom to two rambunctious little boys 31/2 and 16 months. We live in a fixer-upper in Wisconsin too many miles away from the other two beautiful mamas on this blog.

Not unlike Lisa and Kensley, I too am a hot mess and so are my kids. I’m a Pinterest mom and a DIY kind of gal, but it never comes without it’s fair share of yelling, crying, mess, and destruction.

I hope this blog is a place where you can come to see what life is really like. I think we must all have that itch to put on a show for social media, myself included. Only show the best parts. Not here. There’s no show here. This is the real thing and we’re going public about it. You’re going to actually see it. If you’re like me, you struggle with the images others portray in their mommy blogs. That’s not to say their messages aren’t good and their advice isn’t invaluable, but sometimes it’s nice to just see the hot mess. The before and after of a kids activity gone completely wrong or the truth about how many hours a day your kid has watched tv.

Next time someone looks at you disapprovingly as your child eats something questionable and orange off the grocery store floor think of us. You are not alone my friend. In fact, your life is much more normal than you think!